How to own semiprecious gemstones with minimal spending

Mining for gemstones; how and who mines for gemstones?

Semiprecious gemstones are mined on every continent except Antarctica. Some areas of the world, including Africa, North America, South America, the Middle East and Asia all have large scale production of rough gemstones. But increasingly, semiprecious gemstones are being mined by individual gemstone miners, by hand, using a variety of tools, but certainly a pick ax, shovel, and bucket.

These individual gemstone miners are commonly called “rockhounds,” and how they find their semiprecious gemstones vary, from being a member of a Gem and Rock club, word of mouth from other rockhounds, or being in an area known to have semiprecious gemstones, and just “finding” them. Use caution, though, making sure you are not trespassing on someone’s  (or some Mining company’s) property.

You can also purchase semiprecious gemstones from rockhounds or other individuals, online or “brick & mortar” stores, estate sales, antique stores, and flea markets, but use caution when doing so. Know the attributes of the gemstones you want to purchase. A small investment in a few gemstone books will help you know these attributes.

Rockhounds sometimes also know how to “tumble” the rough gemstones (rocks) using a “rock tumbler,” to bring out their natural colors and beauty, and may also know how to cut them into pieces that can be used for jewelry or other ornamental works of art. Locating and being involved in a gem and rock club, or geology club helps tremendously in reducing the cost of desired semiprecious gemstones, as there are usually members of the club who regularly have available fair price gemstones, and are more likely to give you the history and where it was located of the semiprecious gemstone you wish to purchase.

You can also find reasonably priced semiprecious gemstone jewelry at small boutique shops and online web stores. At  you will find a various array of tumbled and polished gemstones available for minimal spending costs.

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