Tips on how to avoid losing your semiprecious gemstone necklaces.

Two tips on how to measure and choose the correct necklace length.

When wearing a semiprecious gemstone necklace, men and women both must make a crucial decision that will determine the satisfaction of wearing their jewelry for their neckline.

The first decision is the length. What are you wearing the necklace for? If it’s just to decorate your neckline on a daily basis, the most popular length is 18″, which drapes your neckline between your neck and shoulder. This length is very popular because of the versatility in that you can comfortably wear this length in a professional or casual atmosphere.

The second decision is the size of the gemstones of the semiprecious gemstone necklace selected. If the size of the gemstones are small, nugget sized to medium sized, your necklace size determination should drape at the appropriate area. If the size of the gemstones are large, you should add 2″ to the necklace length you desire. Also remember, since real semiprecious gemstones have density (or weight) when held, that same density (or weight) will be around your neck when wearing your semiprecious gemstone necklace.  Some popular dense semiprecious gemstones include agates, jaspers, and obsidian, while some small to medium sized nuggets are crystal, lapis lazuli, aventurine and sodalite.

Following is a general guideline to the lengths of necklaces, and where it should drape (fall) from your neckline.

  1. “collar” necklace length is 14″; placed closest to neck
  2. “choker” necklace length is 16″; placed close to neck
  3. “popular” necklace length is 18″; placed between neck & shoulder
  4. “matinee” necklace length is 20″; drapes (falls) at the armpits
  5. “matinee” necklace length is 24″; drapes (falls) below the armpits
  6. “opera” necklace length is 30″; drapes (falls) below the breasts
  7. “rope or “lariat” necklace length is 33″; drapes (falls) above the navel

You can use this knowledge of the varying lengths of necklaces and the desired placement around your neck at a place where there are many semiprecious gemstone necklaces of varying sizes, density and lengths that you can choose from, and purchase, at my web store,

The viewpoints expressed here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If concerned, seek attention from your healthcare or spiritual provider.



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