Understand the background of gemstones now.

Density also distinguishes semiprecious gemstones.

Density, or the weight of an object relative to its volume, is another way to distinguish a semiprecious gemstone. The weight of a dense gemstone is usually easy to tell from a similar glass or acrylic gemstone because it feels much heavier in the hand.  The color of the semiprecious gemstone is often another consideration to keep in mind when distinguishing a semiprecious gemstone from a glass or acrylic gemstone. Most glass or acrylic gemstones have an “unnatural high gloss shine” consistently throughout the gemstones, and the color is consistent as well. A single type of semiprecious gemstone can exhibit a variety of colors or a range of tones.

Another essential quality of a semiprecious gemstone is how it reflects light. All semiprecious gemstones depend on the way light reflects from their surface for their appreciation and beauty. This is called luster, which ranges from reflecting all the light, like a mirror, to reflecting hardly any light. Most transparent and translucent gemstones produce reflections from their internal surfaces. Most semiprecious gemstones also refract light as it passes through them. Some colorless gemstones also disperse light, breaking it into the colors of the rainbow while others achieve color effects through interference, where the light is broken into many different colors by the internal structure of the gemstone.

Sometimes the internal structure of the semiprecious gemstone reflects the light in a particular pattern, like the gemstone “tiger’s eye,” an example of which is shown as the featured image of this blog, and is available at my web store, https://www.squareup.com/store/circlesofgemstones

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